Basic Definitions, Terms and Flow Charts’ Legend


“DAO IPCI” is a decentralized autonomous organization “Integral Platform for Climate Initiatives”, an independent smart contracts and blockchain technology-based ecosystem for carbon market instruments, for environmental market assets, rights and liabilities

"Environmental Program" is a climate change and environment mitigation program operating in DAO IPC

"Environmental unit” is a digital unit issued in DAO IPCI representing climate change, environmental mitigation outcome achieved and verified in accordance with the rules and requirements of relevant environment program

“Operator” is a person authorized by relevant environmental program to supervise compliance with the rules and requirements of the program in DAO IPCI, to issue internal token within the issuance limit, and to approve issuance limits for environmental units, their validity period and security reservation or security deposit parameters

“Issuer” is an original owner of underlying mitigation outcomes, who initiates the procedure to issue environmental units in DAO IPCI

“Complier” is an entity pursuing certain climate, environmental mitigation policy, or program

“Independent Entity” is a representative of independent entity endorsed by the Operator authorized to assess and verify mitigation outcomes compliance with relevant climate program rules and requirements as underlying for the digital units issued in DAO IPCI, and to assure preclusion of double spending

“Internal Token” (Mitigation Token, MITO) is a current digital token issued by the Operators of environmental programs within the issuance limit to provide for transactions in DAO IPCI and representing transfer of rights and commitments

“Issuance limit” is a maximum number of digital units set to be issued to the registries

“Smart contract” is a partially or fully self-executing computer protocol that facilitates, verifies, or enforces the negotiation or performance of a contract.

Basic terms and explanations

  • DAO IPCI digital application address: dapp.ipci.io
  • DAO IPCI core address: 0x0091DeC954D68362608Dc90A606F638FBadf21D4
  • DAO IPCI transactions and registries are open and public
  • Issuance limits for internal token are established by the Operators
  • The lists of Independent Entities eligible to perform under specific programs are formed by the Operators of the programs
  • Issuance limits and the parameters of security reservation for environmental units are established by the Operators and Independent Entities based on the results of verification and/or assurance
  • Registration of environmental units is initiated by the Issuer and performed by Independent Entities to the Issuer’s address within the limit, validity period and security reservation parameters established by the Operators on the basis of documents provided by the Issuer and downloaded to IPFS peer-to-peer distributed file system
  • Environmental units acquired in DAO IPCI are specifically designed to offset environmental damage (including carbon footprint)
  • The units transferred to the Burning contracts of the Compliers may be burnt (retired) by the Complier. The Contract does not allow for other operations with the units
  • The rates of commission fees to the Operator are published at the IPCI.IO and do not include taxes, fees and commissions to other entities (ex. to the Bank, to Independent Entities, Ethereum etc.). Currently, as of March 7, 2017, commission for executing buying and selling orders (lots) by the Buyer and by the Seller is established at 0.05 MITO per environmental unit
  • Issuance limits for the environmental units are established by the Operators based on the Independent Entities statements or confirmed availability of the units of the same origin
  • Amounts of money, tokens and units, commission fees and rates in the Manuals and flowcharts are for illustration purposes only
  • Different Users in the flow charts and explanatory notes are designated by Roman numerals (“User I”, “User II”…) and/or by functions within specific operations(“Issuer”, “Independent entity”, “Operator”)
  • The numbers (1., 2., …) in the flow-charts and explanatory notes are consecutive and represent the sequence of steps to place and execute orders and execute smart-contracts in DAO IPCI ecosystem
  • DAO IPCI components and smart contracts in the flowcharts are in purple with white-colored text

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